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Rape Prevention Education Program

Summary of Program Applicants
FY 2009/2010

Crisis Center for Women (Fort Smith) $58,377.00
This project will provide sexual violence prevention and education presentations, literature and activities to high schools in a six county service area through a week-long curriculum. This curriculum was developed by Crisis Center for Women and incorporated into health classes. They will also implement the “Safe Dates” curriculum in among junior high schools in their service area. Additionally, this program will offer sexual violence prevention and education to college students, offering at least two “Tough Guise” programs to males on campus.

Ozark Rape Crisis (Clarksville) $43,739.00
Ozark Rape Crisis will target general population youth, including at-risk youth, adults and people with disabilities in a six county area. They will provide sexual violence prevention and education programs through area schools, colleges, parenting classes, churches and other organizations. Primary prevention programs will seek to change attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors that allow sexual violence to occur primarily using evidence-based curricula such as “Safe Dates,” “Aggressors, Victims and Bystanders,” and “BullyProof.” This program will also actively promote anti-violence messages throughout the community via public service announcements, the agency website, public bulletin boards and health fairs.

Partners for Inclusive Communities (Little Rock) $34,843.00
This project proposes to address the critical problem of sexual violence toward people with disabilities through the “Safety and Sexual Violence Prevention Project”. This project will emphasize primary prevention activities through information dissemination, educational seminars for people with disabilities and families of children with disabilities, as well as training for professionals and other interested individuals who act on behalf of persons with disabilities in a six county service area. The Safety and Sexual Assault Prevention Project will work in conjunction with several other Commission funded projects and will also provide outreach to other programs that serve persons with disabilities on a statewide level.

Southwest Arkansas Crisis Center (De Queen) $41,522.00
This program seeks to change attitudes and beliefs about sexual violence in a seven county service area in southwest Arkansas by implementing “Safe Dates,” “BullyProof,” “Cyberbullying,” and “Expect Respect,” curricula with youth in grades K-12. They will provide educational programs aimed at preventing sexual violence among the Hispanic population. Additionally, they will provide professional trainings for area school administrators, local businesses and organizations that work with people with disabilities.

University of Arkansas-University Health Center (Fayetteville) $53,150.00
This proposed project for rape prevention education at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville involves the use of peer education as an effective means for educating young adults and professionals in an effort to change attitudes and beliefs that are rape-supportive and to promote a society free from sexual violence. They will provide a total of 6 eight-week academic courses for one hour credit addressing sexual assault and prevention including, two classes for male students called “Real Men: Masculinity in America” that will address issues of power and control that lead to violence against women. Additionally, they will conduct large scale multi-media campaigns that promote conscious-raising awareness about myths and facts associated with sexual assault.

White County Domestic Violence Prevention $16,944.00
This project will deliver rape prevention education in White County to 10th through 12th grade students at high schools and to students at the Sunshine School, a school for students with developmental disabilities. It will provide funding for a part time Rape Prevention Education Coordinator who will deliver the presentations, as well as develop community readiness for expanded opportunities for RPE programming by developing a student team to survey fellow students for attitudes and beliefs that indicate acceptance of rape supportive attitudes.

Women’s Crisis Center of South Arkansas $29,357.00
This program will provide prevention education to grades 5th through 9th in Ouachita, Dallas and Columbia counties using the Safe Dates and Bullyproof curriculum. At the college level, they will focus on college students in social work, psychology and/ or victimology classes at SAU Magnolia. Additionally, they will develop a mentor program using college students in elementary and high school students in local schools.

Women’s Council on African American Affairs $22,824.00
Women’s Council on African American Affairs, Inc. (WCAAA) proposes to provide rape prevention education in Jefferson and Clark Counties to minority college students, utilizing the Safe Dates curriculum, as well as the Men’s Program. They will also provide RPE to student’s grade 6th-8th using the Aggressors, Victims and Bystanders: Thinking and Acting to Prevent Violence Curriculum. Additionally, they will conduct a poster contest among students that addresses the social norms that support sexual violence. Local businesses/ organizations will display the winning posters.

TOTAL $300,786